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You have chosen to be a digital marketing expert and take your career to new heights. We at DMI will guide you through each steps and make sure you achieve your goals, we will always be by your side.

  • You will be master in SEO, SEM, Social Media & Web Analytics.

  • You will have 24*7 live support and access to new ad technology updates.

  • IMPORTANT: Please go through the whole page carefully as it contains detailed information about the modules

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A “digital marketing expert certification” from the London Institute of Internet Marketing and Research Studies is an unique qualification for digital enthusiasts or anyone looking to transform their career by enhancing their knowledge of digital marketing. Our courses specialize in creating unique digital strategies and top-class online & offline course modules. We stand out in the fast growing digital marketing industry by providing world class training.

In 2016, over 75 billion AED was spent on online marketing in the UAE alone, with over 700 billion AED being spent on online advertising globally. Digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and the Middle East is at the forefront of this growth, where the industry is growing at around 30% per annum.

A recent report by eMarketer stated that the total number of internet users globally will soon surpass 3 billion, eventually reaching 62.4% of the world’s population. Offline marketing budgets are being slashed in recent years, with more and more being invested in online marketing than ever before. This has created an ever increasing demand for skilled digital marketing professionals.

Our goal is to help you reach your potential, to be at the very top of your profession by mastering digital marketing in fields such as: SEO, SEM, Social Media advertising and Web Analytics.

According to recruitment platform Indeed, 47000 jobs related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) were created in 2016 and in the absence of formal avenues of digital marketing education, there is a huge shortage of skills in the industry. Thus, a skilled digital marketer can expect to earn up to 25000 AED per month. Whether you are a business owner, a sales and marketing professional or a student looking for a career path, then our CDMM course is for you.

The aim of this course is you make you ahead of the race and leverage the maximum benefit by mastering Digital Marketing training – SEO, SEM, Social Media & Web Analytics.

Methods of Training:

We provide two type of course selection for our student so you can choose your preferable method.


  • Marketing Professionals

  • Sales Professionals

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Digital Marketing Professionals

  • Students


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is On-Page Optimization?

  • Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner.
  • How to Select a Domain Name?
  • Page Naming {URL Structuring} and Folder Naming
  • Image Naming, Image Title and ALT Tags Creation
  • What are Meta Tags
  • Description
  • Country Robots
  • Keywords Author
  • Redirection Tags
  • Headings Tags {H1 to H6}
  • What is Content Writing?
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing {Inserting keywords in content}
  • Anchor Text, Link Title
  • Robots.text file creation and use
  • HTML Sitemap creation
  • XML Site Map Creation
  • ROR text sitemap
  • Site Tracking Tools (Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool)
  • What is Alexa?
  • Alexa Integration

What is OFF-Page Optimization?

  • What are Backlinks?
  • Why Backlinks are Important?
  • How to Get Backlinks?
  • Difference Between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks
  • What is Google Page Rank?
  • How to Increase Page Rank?
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Article Writing and submissions
  • Press Release writing and submissions
  • Blog Posting and comment writing
  • Classifieds posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking
  • RSS Feeds

Search Engine Algorithms


  • What are Search Engine’s Algorithms?
  • How Algorithms Work?
  • Why a Search Engine needs to update its Algorithms?
  • Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries.
  • Why a Search Engine penalizes a Website?


  • How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What is Google Penguin Algorithm?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?
  • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?

Learn more:

2. Google AdWords

  • Create Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Setting up new Google Account
  • Creating Google Search Engine Marketing Campaigns with specific client needs (includes Location, Network, Devices, CPC, Bidding Option, Ad Extension – Location Extension, Phone Extension, Site links).
  • Create Ad group
  • Creating Multiple Ad groups by analyzing products/services/sectors offered by the Client.
  • Setting up and Adjusting the Maximum Bid for the Ad groups.
  • Create Ads
  • Creating multiple effective Ads for every Adgroup and Tuning the Ads for performance.
  • Analyzing the industry, understanding the end user needs and creating effective Keywords from users’ search point.
  • Creating Campaign Level Negative Keywords.
  • Creating Ad group level Negative Keywords.
  • Analyze your Search Engine Marketing Campaign
  • Analyzing your business Goals and Setting up Google Analytics to track user behavior
  • Monitoring your Google AdWords PPC performance by analyzing Google Analytics reports for Conversion Tracking, Campaign Tracking, Traffic Sources and Goal Conversions.
  • Updating bids at Keywords and Ad groups level based on the performance of the Ads.
  • Decreasing the monthly spending budget for existing PPC campaigns by analyzing and improving the Quality Score Improvements.
  • Suggesting improvements for target page optimization for specific Ad groups
  • Reducing monthly spend by removing irrelevant keywords (irrelevant visitors)
  • Bidding Analysis
  • Improving CTR
  • Improving Average Position

3. Social Media Advertisement

  • What does Facebook Marketing Course Dubai teaches you
  • What is Instagram advertisement
  • How Facebook Algorithm works
  • Algorithms
  • Content Marketing
  • Leveraging Facebook Insights for Success
  • Facebook Brand Pages
  • Content Best Practices
  • Facebook Targeting Options
    • Interest-Based Targeting
    • Custom-Based Targeting
    • Re-targeting or Facebook Exchange Understanding
  • Facebook Ad Structure
  • Pixel setup
  • Custom setting
  • Custom audience creation
  • Targeting custom created audience
  • Conversion tracking based on specific post
  • Conversion tracking for the custom audience
  • Leveraging custom tracking method
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Reach campaign
  • Post engagement campaign
  • Traffic campaign
  • App installs campaign
  • Video views campaign
  • Lead generation campaign
  • Conversion tracking
  • Intelligence campaign for highest result
  • Facebook Intelligence campaign technique for highest conversion.
  • Smart campaign for high result with lowest CPC technique.
  • Branding technique campaign.

LinkedIn  Marketing Course

  1. LinkedIn Optimization: How to efficiently optimize your LinkedIn profile so you get the maximum benefit out of it.
  2. LinkedIn Change Updates: LinkedIn has changed quite a bit from its early years in terms of both the interface and what it has to offer. You will learn about these changes and how to understand all the new features and effectively use them.
  3. Improving LinkedIn Presence: We will be giving very useful and actionable tips on how to effectively use the platform to network among the right audience, enhance business opportunities and market what you offer, the right way.
  4. Important Etiquettes: There is a list of ‘to do’s’ and more importantly ‘don’t do’s’ in the platform that is very important to the success of your profile. These etiquettes will be visited in detail in the course.
  5. Network Building: The course will give direction on how to start building your network and how to find leads and business prospects and connect with them to effectively improve your business chances.
  6. Improve Company Page: The course will shed insights on how to maintain a professional company page on LinkedIn with regards to efficiently using posts to increase user engagement.
  7. LinkedIn Advertising: Using LinkedIn Ads service to improve exposure to a larger audience and generate sales/business leads.
  8. Other Tools: Using all the available tools with the platform to efficiently and effectively boost your online presence and improve your business.

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Last 7 seats available

Online Registration Procedure

Fees and Procedure:

  • Confirm your seat by paying a small down payment registration amount.

  • Please pay the remaining one day prior to the Training as per your convenience.

Course Schedule:

  • Weekday batch
    3 week alternate day course
    9pm to 11pm

  • Weekend Batch
    4 weeks weekend (Friday or Saturday)
    batch 10am to 3pm

Offline Registration Procedure

Fees and Procedure:

  • Confirm your seat by paying a small down payment registration amount.

  • Please pay the remaining at the training venue 1 hour prior to the training schedule as per your convenience .

Course Schedule:

  • Weekend Batch
    4 weeks weekend (Friday or Saturday)
    batch 10am to 3pm

Take a quiz and get an additional 10% if 80% of answers are correct

Course Details

Online sessions:

9pm to 11pm - Saturday to Thursday: Assessment and exam at the end of course.
Course Details
Course Details

Classroom session:

2 Friday – 20 hour advanced session with 60 mins exams and assessment at the end of the course.
Course Details


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These are some among the 1500+ trainees trained for practical digtital marketing course with LIIMS Dubai. Our unique practical training with high value Certifications from USA, London, Dubai distinguish you from the rest in the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked 100’s of questions everyday, below we have answered the Frequently repeated ones from students based on our our previous batch results.

With over 150+ students trained in Dubai. DMI holds the reputation of highest satisfied students with huge network of happiness working across UAE. We make sure each student receives the Highest value for the same reason that they choose us.

With an estimate of over 70 billion dirhams market share now and  is expected to overflow into 100 billion dirhams.  Dubai digital marketing industry is set to break record before the much awaited 2020 Dubai world expo. If you want to be a major part of this industry revolution. GET ON BOARD RIGHT NOW !!!

You will be a master in digital marketing after the session and look for positions like:

  • Digital marketing expert
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Asst disgusts Marketing manager
  • Seo expert
  • Social media strategist
  • PPC specialist
  • Google Adwords specialist
  • Head of digital marketing operations
  • Digital Analyst
  • And much more ….
  • Digital marketing expert – 10000- 15000 AED
  • Digital marketing manager – 15000 – 20000 AED
  • Asst disgusts Marketing manager – 8000 – 12000 AED
  • Seo expert – 6000 – 10000 AED
  • Social media strategist 6000 – 10000 AED
  • PPC specialist 6000 – 10000 AED
  • Google Adwords specialist 6000 – 10000 AED
  • Head of digital marketing operations – 20000- 250000 AED
  • Digital Analyst – 5000 – 10000 AED

Off course you can do either one or both after this course.

It depends on your skill set of convincing client.

On average every company charges 3000-6000 AED per month from single client just for SEO. If it is a whole digital marketing package it can be 10000-15000 Aed also.

We have students who make a decent amount of 25000 Aed by handling 9 SEO Clients in a matter of just last 5 months.

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