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    Online sessions:

    9pm to 11pm - Saturday to Thursday: Assessment and exam at the end of course.
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    Classroom session:

    2 Friday – 20 hour advanced session with 60 mins exams and assessment at the end of the course.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    With over 150+ students trained in Dubai. DMI holds the reputation of highest satisfied students with huge network of happiness working across UAE. We make sure each student receives the Highest value for the same reason that they choose us.

    With an estimate of over 70 billion dirhams market share now and  is expected to overflow into 100 billion dirhams.  Dubai digital marketing industry is set to break record before the much awaited 2020 Dubai world expo. If you want to be a major part of this industry revolution. GET ON BOARD RIGHT NOW !!!

    You will be a master in digital marketing after the session and look for positions like:

    • Digital marketing expert
    • Digital marketing manager
    • Asst disgusts Marketing manager
    • Seo expert
    • Social media strategist
    • PPC specialist
    • Google Adwords specialist
    • Head of digital marketing operations
    • Digital Analyst
    • And much more ….
    • Digital marketing expert – 10000- 15000 AED
    • Digital marketing manager – 15000 – 20000 AED
    • Asst disgusts Marketing manager – 8000 – 12000 AED
    • Seo expert – 6000 – 10000 AED
    • Social media strategist 6000 – 10000 AED
    • PPC specialist 6000 – 10000 AED
    • Google Adwords specialist 6000 – 10000 AED
    • Head of digital marketing operations – 20000- 250000 AED
    • Digital Analyst – 5000 – 10000 AED

    Off course you can do either one or both after this course.

    It depends on your skill set of convincing client.

    On average every company charges 3000-6000 AED per month from single client just for SEO. If it is a whole digital marketing package it can be 10000-15000 Aed also.

    We have students who make a decent amount of 25000 Aed by handling 9 SEO Clients in a matter of just last 5 months.