LinkedIn Marketing Course


LinkedIn started out early in 2002 as an employment based service that facilitated forming professional connection and recruitment. Presently, just a decade and a few months later, LinkedIn now is a sophisticated platform not just for employers and employees but for all the parties engaging in any type of B2B and B2C transactions. LinkedIn has emerged out of its cocoon gloriously and now caters to more than 500 million members in their various endeavors. The rate of growth of the platform has been such that currently, a new user is added every second. It has become the go-to social media platform for professionals for networking and marketing.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is using this vital space to boost business development, enable collection and exchange of diverse information, and make connections with consumers. It is the most professional platform to improve online presence. It is also the tool to build business relationships, develop business insights and also attract and present your opportunities to the niche crowd that demands your attention. Marketing through LinkedIn increases your credibility and visibility as it puts your product/service in a space of professionals and likeminded individuals who can identify with what is being marketed.

What does LinkedIn Marketing Course have to offer?

Our LinkedIn Marketing course will equip you with all the required expertise to be an advanced user, and will enable you to handle all the online marketing requirements of your company, subsequently improving brand engagement.

The LinkedIn Marketing course will provide detailed information on the below topics

  1. LinkedIn Optimization: How to efficiently optimize your LinkedIn profile so you get the maximum benefit out of it.
  2. LinkedIn Change Updates: LinkedIn has changed quite a bit from its early years in terms of both the interface and what it has to offer. You will learn about these changes and how to understand all the new features and effectively use them.
  3. Improving LinkedIn Presence: We will be giving very useful and actionable tips on how to effectively use the platform to network among the right audience, enhance business opportunities and market what you offer, the right way.
  4. Important Etiquettes: There is a list of ‘to do’s’ and more importantly ‘don’t do’s’ in the platform that is very important to the success of your profile. These etiquettes will be visited in detail in the course.
  5. Network Building: The course will give direction on how to start building your network and how to find leads and business prospects and connect with them to effectively improve your business chances.
  6. Improve Company Page: The course will shed insights on how to maintain a professional company page on LinkedIn with regards to efficiently using posts to increase user engagement.
  7. LinkedIn Advertising: Using LinkedIn Ads service to improve exposure to a larger audience and generate sales/business leads.
  8. Other Tools: Using all the available tools with the platform to efficiently and effectively boost your online presence and improve your business.

Why should you do LinkedIn Marketing course?

Business practices in Dubai has evolved immensely over the last decade. 18 % of all social signals in the entire social marketing spectrum is lit by LinkedIn. LinkedIn comes third, right after Instagram and Facebook in the digital marketing platform throughout the GCC. Whether your requirement is B2B or B2C, LinkedIn is THE platform that will get most productive output with least cost exposure that you would normally have spent on external marketing/recruitment agencies. With this course, you will get deep clarity to understand the platform and make full use of each simple as well as sophisticated service the platform has to offer.

Who should do LinkedIn Marketing Course?

Professionals looking to develop a career in digital marketing will definitely find value in this course. Companies looking to develop leads and increase its online presence will also benefit greatly from this course. If you are an employer, there is no better platform to instantly connect you to the right talent. Job seekers will also find value in this course through learning to optimize the LinkedIn profile and connect to the right employers. Freelancers will find this course advantageous in building up their skills.

Social Media Management is an ever evolving system that continually updates to the changing needs and behaviors of the users. Gaining knowledge in this will give an upper hand in enhancing the entire business and marketing experience. We also provide other social media marketing courses like Instagram, Facebook marketing course dubai and Snapchat through online and offline medium.

At LIIMS, we don’t believe in just passing on theoretical information based on a curriculum rather, we go for thoroughly interactive and practical sessions focusing on live examples thereby imparting knowledge in the real-time. We provide online and offline support for our students equipping them with all the expert tips and tools required to be a pro in the field.