DMI provides state of the Online marketing course

Process of Admission:

Registration fees and Procedure:

  • Confirm your seat by paying a small down payment registration amount.
  • Please pay the remaining one day prior to the Training as per your convenience.

Online Course Schedule:

  • Weekday batch
    3 week alternate day course
    9pm to 11pm

  • Weekend Batch
    4 weeks weekend (Friday or Saturday)
    batch 10am to 3pm

Advantages of Online Digital Marketing  Course:

Absolute Minimum cost for the course:

We understand that online courses generate lower costs than other classes and we promise that there are no hidden fees for our courses. You choose your own modules and your own time to study. We provide a low cost, high quality course.

No chance at all of missing lecture:

As the course content is primarily based online, you will not have to worry about missing lectures. Even if you are travelling or working you will still be able to access the course material. Should you miss an assessment or fall behind, we give you the option to re-sit that particular module during the next batch of classes, free of charge.

A Peaceful Learning Enviornment:

Many people prefer to study in a homely and comfortable environment, online learning makes this possible. Online teaching makes it possible to get your qualification no matter what corner of the world you find yourself in. If you fall ill, you can attend your classes from home.

Better Opportunities to interact:

Unlike other online courses, digital marketing requires people to interact constantly with social media sites and platforms. Our course will be very helpful to you. Should you have a query through direct channels of communication with trainers, professors and other faculty members.

Best and Ideal for working professionals:

Lets assume you are already working and need to do a course, which will benefit your career. This is the right choice for you. This type of courses can give big boost to your career. People in this world wish to have a good professional degree in their working career. This type of courses can help them a lot. Besides earning they can also learn and achieve a healthy level. Only one thing needed is the urge to learn and make something. In other words, this type of courses is ideal, especially for working professionals.

Presently we are living in a very fast moving age. With the help latest technological inventions, life has drastically changed. New terms and concepts have emerged. Perhaps we all are quite familiar with “Marketing”.  We are blessed to see and experience that our world has changed a lot. Latest technological innovations have brought large changes in human lives. Gone are the days when people spent ample time in doing work manually.


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Register Now
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  • We suggest all the students to Log in at least 30 mins prior to the session in order to avoid any delay to start.

  • All the student’s will be provided Course document.

  • Students must use Laptops.

  • Digital Marketing course will be a practice based sessions, the modules once finished will be practiced live by each of the student individually.
    Once competed, the instructor will evaluate the work one by one then proceed to the next module.

  • Each student work will be examined to make sure He/she has thoroughly understood the course module.

The Aim of our course is to make sure each student who Enrolls gets the maximum benefit and before you leave from our course, to make you an Expert in digital Marketing for the High potential Digital Market.


And take your career to next level.