13 Reasons Why Your Business Cannot Grow Without SEO – Search Engine Optimization

//13 Reasons Why Your Business Cannot Grow Without SEO – Search Engine Optimization

13 Reasons Why Your Business Cannot Grow Without SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a popular term amongst people who have taken their businesses online. You’d be incorrect to think that its only purpose is to bring traffic. SEO knows the difference between general and specific traffic and this factor makes it one of the best marketing processes that people use.

Google, Bing, YouTube, and some other social media sites can be utilized for marketing with the help of SEO. A business is certainly on the wrong path if it is still unaware of the impacts SEO can provide. Here are the top 13 reasons why SEO is very important for your business.

1.   Makes it easier for people to find you

An estimate of 93% of activities that occur online tend to be a follow up of a page of a search engine. At least 40,000 people are searching for something per second. With more than 2 billion people online, there are countless opportunities for business. Your customers are constantly looking for your products and services on search engines. With the help of SEO, you can bring the perfect crowd to your website who are the right individuals that need your services.

2.   Increases your sales on a crazy level

As you bring the right crowd to your website, you will have thousands of people coming and looking for what they want and buying them. Even small businesses have achieved great sales rate by maintaining a smart SEO strategy. Like them, you also need to have the right strategy which will result in tremendous success.

3.   Lowers your cost per acquisition

SEO is the smartest marketing investment. The greatest thing about it is, it’s free. If you know Google well and have good experience in optimization, you’d be able to do it by yourself. Otherwise, the only spending you have to do is hiring a company that can do the SEO for you. Even then, the costs are very low compared to other marketing strategies.

4.   SEO does not sleep

Not a second passes without huge numbers of people searches something in Google. The search engine is active 24/7 so is your website. And when you have optimized it, it will bring traffic 24/7 even when you sleep. And when you are able to rank high on searches, your business is promoted.

5.   Builds trust

Whenever we see the top-ranked pages in Google search, we subconsciously put trust on the website. When you are able to rank your page on top, customers will trust your site and won’t have any trust issues buying from you. Gaining trust is one of the most important aspects of an online business as there are many scams out there. Google is strict and does not allow them and for that reason, this top search engine is trusted by all.

6.   SEO is better than paid methods

Many businesses pay Google to put their website on top of search results. In that case, Google identifies those links with an ‘Ad’ tag. Most users tend to skip those links as they already know they are ads. Researches conclude that search engine optimized pages get 90% more clicks than advertised pages. This is the power of SEO.

7.   SEO provides statistics

You can see how a page is doing by using the right SEO statistics tool. It shows the number of visitors coming from a specific keyword. As a result, you will be able to know which keywords to keep and which to remove. It gives a lot of development options for a website so that it can rank higher than before.

8.   Small businesses have great opportunities with SEO

There is an overwhelming number of large companies that tend to hold the top rankings. But with SEO, anyone can challenge those brands by utilizing the best strategy they can. By focusing on the SEO of your page, you can be ready to compete with larger businesses.

9.   SEO gives satisfactory ROI

A recent study proves that 40% of the revenue of a business can be gained when your products are discoverable with organic searches. You need to understand that it’s not just an opportunity to showcase your products but find actual customers that will help you generate revenues.

10. SEO is becoming more popular

It’s not a good idea to be late on such a great marketing opportunity. SEO works and that’s why it is getting more popular amongst marketing experts. $80 billion of estimation value will be spent in 2020 on SEO and the spending will soon pass the regular marketing methods. When more people come in, the competition will increase and that’s why it’s better to start now.

11. SEO targets the right customers

The main purpose of SEO is to give people what they are looking for. When your keywords are unique, the right audiences will see your pages. Remember that the purpose is not to bring general traffic but to find customers that are actually interested in your services. It also targets specific countries and cities with unique keywords.

12. SEO is timeless

It’s pretty hard to beat an optimized site that has quality SEO done. Even if there are new keywords that are trending, you can easily add them by editing your page. By doing subtle changes over time, SEO becomes timeless and the revenue of your business remains constant or increases.

13. SEO is smart

SEO is undoubtedly one of the smartest marketing strategies of modern time. It values talent and quality and as a result, anybody can shine using SEO if they are good with their business. Instead of wasting money on advertisements that most people hate, invest in SEO and find the best strategies. There is absolutely no reason for not having your site optimized. It’s cost-efficient, effective and generates higher revenue.

SEO is a genuine way of getting customers without spending thousands on ads. The only requirement is a good SEO strategy. Make sure to find the right service that can do the job for you and you’ll be able to grow your business as you have dreamt of.

In general If you are a business owner, marketing manager, or someone who wants to see your business booming. SEO is the key to the magic door.

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