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Search Engine Optimization Training

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is making use of certain techniques to increase Search Engine ranking and visibility, thereby increasing the traffic to a specific website. Search Engine Optimization may sound complicated but is actually just the application of simple logic which you will be able to master through our course. You will be surprised to know that 65% of all SEO strategies and functions are generally simple and can be cracked with a little common sense.

Research shows that a staggering 92% browsers use search engines for finding what they are looking for online, be it products or services and even more interesting is the fact the 85% of them will not even go past the first page of search results generated. This is why it is important to get your product/service on to the first page of results to have a sizeable impact on overall business.

What does SEO Course offer?

Take our SEO training course to learn how to attract more visitors to your company website or personal blog through all major search engines, primarily Google.

Our institute offers SEO training courses for all types of users mainly business owners, digital marketing executives, content writers, bloggers and also agencies focusing on online marketing, anyone who wants to understand how to get their website ranking up in all major search engines and attract search traffic.

The training module will include basics of website SEO including simple concepts like keyword research, content writing  and structure of URLs as well as technical concepts like link building and social media connections.

Course Module:

  • Search: Basic concepts
  • Search Engines: Introduction to Google Search and other important search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Covers On-page and Off-page optimization and why it is required and how can it be used optimally.
  • Search Engine Algorithms: Details the very important concept of Search Algorithms.
  • Keyword Research: Various tips and strategies on keyword research and also information about competitor analysis.
  • Content Development: This section will cover how to develop your content based on keyword research and hot to optimize it to be Google friendly. This includes learning about general site structure, titles, META description (site summary) and keywords, apt use of headings and sub headings, Image and Video optimization including naming and descriptions links, domain names concepts and structure of URL, website navigation techniques and internal links.
  • Local SEO: Concept of location based SEO, with tips and tricks.
  • Google Webmaster: in depth learning of Webmaster tools like page indexing, cache, sitemaps and links.
  • Inbound Links: Learning about using hyperlinks connecting back to your websites through other sites. Includes tips, tricks, using images and videos, social sharing, local listings and online PR concepts.
  • User Engagement: Concept of time spent on one website and how to influence it.
  • Blogging: Details the significance of blogs in SEO with tips on using the right content.
  • Blended SEO: Understanding of Blender ranking and its use.
  • SEO Auditing: Understanding auditing to gain better insight on website performance.
  • SEO Tips and Tricks: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Latest trends in SEO
  • Google Analytics: Concept analysis

Who needs Search Engine Optimization Training?

SEO training is very important to business owners who want to increase their search engine ranking, people driving sales, copywriters and marketing executives, all of who will be looking to gain maximum value from understanding concepts of SEO optimization. This course will equip you to take control of your own SEO optimization instead of relying on an expensive third party option to do it for you.

Why should you do Search Engine Optimization Training with us?

With the advancement in the internet marketing over the last decade, it is evident that this stream has taken over conventional marketing media in terms of its reach, cost effectiveness and overall impact. While anyone can create websites and blogs, it is important to understand how to use it effectively for marketing to get maximum returns and SEO is one such technique that makes sure of this. This training will provide much needed insight on how SEO optimization can improve the incoming traffic multifold into your website.

At LIIMS, for your convenience we have diverse methods of training that you can choose according to your schedule and requirements. We provide online and offline support for our students equipping them with all the expert tips and tools required to be a pro in the field. We have online classes whereby the students can register and get elaborate course materials along with the constant support and assistance from our tutors who are experts in the industry.

This is a dynamic field which requires training in the real time with live examples for better understanding. We also provide other social media marketing courses like Instagram, Facebook marketing course dubai, LinkedIn marketing course Dubai and Snapchat through online and offline medium.

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