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Facebook Marketing Course

Since its inception back in 2004 for Harvard students initially, and then opening its doors to everyone else in 2006, Facebook has built its user base to a staggering 2.2 billion every month. It has become an unavoidable part of our personal lives and now has its stronghold in our professional lives as well owing to its immense reach across the globe.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Given its user base, Facebook has become a strong vehicle to market your product and service though social media. Being the channel that has the most reach among all social media services, marketing and advertising your products and services to your targeted user base forms the gist of Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing targets specific demographics with user data dividing your audience by location, age group and interests among other variables.

What does Facebook Marketing course offer?

Our training program on Facebook Marketing aims to offer important insights into how to efficiently use your Facebook campaign to boost your product or service. The course would cover all the tools and strategies required to completely understand Facebook and also tips and tricks that would positively impact your Facebook campaign. At LIIMS, there will be live exercises and presentations and also case studies that will make learning interesting along with being insightful, encompassing everything that would make you an expert in the subject of Facebook Marketing.

Course Module:


  • Facebook Strategy: Introduction to forming a marketing strategy on Facebook.
  • Creating Facebook Page: Training on how to create a Facebook page specifically for a business or for a brand.
  • EdgeRank: Understanding what EdgeRank and Facebook Algorithm is and the role is plays in marketing.
  • Getting targeted followers: Details on how to target a particular audience and increase followers for your page.
  • Facebook best practices: Tips to increase efficiency and optimization on Facebook through best practices.
  • Facebook advertising: Guidance on how to use Facebook Ad features.
  • Ad Campaigns: Details on setting up, managing and optimizing your Facebook Ad campaign.
  • Facebook Insights: Understanding your audience and their engagement through Facebook Insights feature.
  • Measuring and Monitoring: There is a lot more to Facebook traffic than gathering likes. The course will provide in depth analysis on monitoring and measurement techniques.
  • Managing Presence: The course will detail how to manage your overall presence on Facebook and maximize benefit for your product or business.
  • Facebook Apps: Knowledge on how to manage different applications within Facebook and focus on the more important ones.
  • Ecommerce: Understanding how Facebook can boost ecommerce business.
  • Open Graph: Understanding Facebook plug-ins and how to use them.




Why should you do Facebook Marketing course?


With the current user base touching 2.2 billion monthly, and with the ability to target demographics based on your niche audience, Facebook is the marketing tool that can best help your business cost effectively and efficiently as its targeting capabilities are exceptional. Facebook is also the social media tool that anyone can connect to easily and this helps in better selling altogether. Facebook also helps in receiving instant feedback enabling you to make changes accordingly. This course allows you to understand how to best use Facebook for marketing your products and services and to understand and connect effectively.

Who needs Facebook Marketing Course?

Anyone looking to market their offerings cost-effectively and reach maximum customer base will benefit from this course. This course would cater well to new business owners, ecommerce users and young entrepreneurs who understand the impact of social media in business, especially Facebook and wants to use its global network to maximize benefit. Be it new business or existing ones looking for better reach, Facebook marketing course has something for everyone.

Social Media Management is an ever evolving system that continually updates to the changing needs and behaviors of the users. Gaining knowledge in this will give an upper hand in enhancing the entire business and marketing experience. We also provide other social media marketing courses like Instagram, LinkedIn marketing course dubai, SEO course dubai  and Snapchat through online and offline medium.

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