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DMI provides state of the Offline marketing course

Process of Admission:

Registration fees and Procedure:

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  • Confirm your seat by paying $150 down payment registration amount.

  • Please pay the remaining $350 at the training venue 1 hour prior to the training schedule.

Offline Course Schedule:

  • Weekend Batch
    4 weeks weekend (Friday or Saturday)
    batch 10am to 3pm

Offline digital marketing course in Dubai

Digital Marketing course offline by DMI is conducted at the prestigious Millennium Plaza Hotel at sheik zayed road in the heart of Dubai.

At LIMMs, we also offer an offline digital marketing course. This course is for those who prefer the traditional classroom setting, these courses are held in the prestigious Millennium Plaza Hotel in at sheik zayed road in the heart of Dubai.

We present our students with the best online digital strategies to help their business be a champion online,  ensuring our clients are reaching the maximum ROI and consistently driving traffic to their sites. LIMMS is now an official Google Online Marketing Agency Partner! Our professional team of digital savvy experts monitor and optimise all campaigns online with Googles latest trending updates.

In addition to your qualification in Digital Marketing, we will also provide you with the skills needed to build strong business plans and marketing strategies. A well thought-out, diversified strategy will be key to the success of your business. Online advertising can raise awareness of a product quickly and efficiently. We can show you how to launch advertising campaigns that will tug at the heart strings of consumers. Examples of companies who are very successful at this are Coca Cola or M&S at Christmas time. Ads like this create a degree of brand loyalty.

Our courses are affordable and will provide you with the best training available in the UAE. We are always striving to be the best providers of marketing education in the Middle East. Our programme is the best in Dubai and we hope to keep it that way through our high standards of teaching and assessment. Our students are our main focus and we promise that there are no hidden fees for our courses. You choose your own modules. We provide a low cost, high quality course. Although this course is offline, in a classroom setting, lecture materials such as Powerpoint presentations and notes will be available online.  Should you miss an assessment or fall behind, we give you the option to re-sit that particular module during the next batch of classes, free of charge.

If you have any queries or feedback about our school or our programmes please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of offline marketing:

While we mainly offer online courses, we additionally offer more traditional, classroom based courses.  This course is suitable for full time students or people who don’t have good internet access at home. Online marketing is a fast growing industry, jobs are being created left, right and centre. Our classes are designed to help you get ahead: You choose which modules to take and you can tailor our course to fit the needs of you or your business.

If you feel that you will learn better in a classroom setting, then this program is perfect for you. We source the best professors and lecturers from all over the Middle East and the World. With our offline marketing course, you really get the best of both worlds physical class as well as online benefits such as PowerPoint presentations, study videos and class notes being available online. one great benefit of the offline course is is that you will work in close proximity with your professors and classmates. You will do a greater deal of networking and group assessments.

If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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  • Student will have to report at sharp 10am at the venue and will have to collect their respective passes for entry.
  • We suggest all the students to reach at least 30 mins prior to the session in order to avoid any delay as it will be very rush due to the high volume of admissions.
  • All the student’s will be provided with Notepads, pens and Course document.
  • Students must bring Laptops and charger to the class.
  • Digital Marketing course will be a practice based sessions, the modules once finished will be practiced live by each of the student individually.
    Once competed, the instructor will evaluate the work one by one then proceed to the next module.

  • Each student work will be examined to make sure He/she has thoroughly understood the course module.

The Aim of our course is to make sure each student who Enrolls gets the maximum benefit and before you leave from our course, to make you an Expert in digital Marketing for the High potential Digital Market.

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