Facebook ads for E-Commerce

//Facebook ads for E-Commerce

Facebook ads for E-Commerce

Facebook is one of the most used platforms and proves to be the world’s largest social media network and an excellent platform for ads as well. Both new and old shopping businesses can boost their performance by advertising ads over the internet which will allow the world to witness, they will gain popularity as well as customers at the same time. If you are not a Facebook user, you might be missing a good opportunity of earning money that too in less time. To help you out and allow you to know more about the effective tips that could boost your business we are coming up with different types of ideas and strategies for running ads on Facebook.

More than a billion users are using Facebook right now where Facebook ads are the most effective way to invest in for a good and better business all-round. With the majority of the world’s population using it, we can take a good advantage and benefit ourselves.


1.   Multi-product advertisement

Showcasing several products at the same time can be a very effective way of increasing the sales profit of multiple of your projects at the same time. The more products the customer sees the more he would want to find a way of communication and then likelier he would click on the ad which will increase the chances for him to buy the product. Several products at the same time can be showcased along with its features which will enable more options to the customer.

This way of advertisement is much more efficient than any other type. According to a survey, there is a chance of an increase in click-through rates (CTR) ads by more than 300%. Though the use of CTR is not much and is unknown to most of the customers there are still other factors such as the rate of increase that will increase the collaboration rate at a much higher rate.

2.   Run retargeting campaigns

There will be a lot of customers who would like your product and luckily will add the products in their cart but after sometimes more than 30% of the customers abandon their cart and then never come back, this may be heartbreaking but you can help to get all the customers back by running a retargeting campaign which has a chance of more than 25% to get your customers back. It can be time-consuming but if you start convincing new customers to buy your products, then it can be a solution for those who are already buying the product and it might not be a very difficult job to convince people. You can avail coupons, discounts and another exiting offer to run the retargeting campaigns.

3.    Conversation tracking pixel

The first question that arises in your mind is about what exactly is a conversation tracking pixel? Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as the name suggests. A conversation tracking pixel is a kind of a code that is simply used to track the number of the audience present in your website at a certain time and also to track the behavior change over your website. It allows you to track conversations coming through the retargeting campaign.

Conversation tracking can be used to improve campaigns over Facebook and helps you target the right customers who are willing to buy your products. It is such a fantastic way to use this method to increase the revenue of your sales.

4.   Using video advertisement

If you think that the methods mentioned above are way too time-consuming than you should know that Facebook also prioritizes video content. This simply means that your ad will have more chances to gain the trust of customers coming over your website. Video contents are comparatively more engaging than any other method. A majority of people like to see things visually than to read it because humans find it more appealing and interesting. The way of playing video over Facebook is also beneficial because it instantly plays the video as you scroll down to it, this method most probably clutches the attention of the customers.

For me, it would be the perfect way to use Facebook ads for e-commerce. The only thing that you have to do is make the video interesting that can be understood by every customer all over the world. They should showcase your products by showing their best features. Be creative and you will gain customers.

5.   Offer discounts

If you want the popularity of your products to grow at a quick rate then there must be some tricks and trade to attract customers. People love to save money and will always buy products if they find the rate tempting. The same product which you are selling might be brought at a lower price from another website. This may be heartbreaking but you should fix this problem by giving appealing discounts. You can highlight offers over your advertisement which can catch the customer’s attention very easily. If you are advertising a new product of yours you can add an initial discount which will allow you to sell it quickly.

The only thing that has to be taken care of is to be cautious that it might not be disadvantageous for your business in the long run.

6.   Repost older advertisements

It can be beneficial to boost an existing post, this feature can be used to boost the engagement of customers over your website. It will allow you to go to the past and get back things working again. This can be a way to promote existing posts which had been already liked by older customers, it can be appealing to the new customers and they will trust you with your work. It is likely to be guaranteed to get a better result through this method because the post has already been on a good track from before.

The only thing to remember is that Facebook is the largest platform all over the world which will allow you to connect your market with the audience worldwide.

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