Facebook Ads Marketing – A guide for Entrepreneurs

//Facebook Ads Marketing – A guide for Entrepreneurs

Facebook Advertisement – A Guide for Entrepreneurs

A business needs marketing and social media is amongst the top marketing platforms that work. When we are talking about social media, Facebook takes the crown by having more than 2.2 billion users and many new people are joining every second. Not only the population of the site, but the complex algorithm of Facebook happens to be super helpful for advertisers.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for suitable platforms for marketing. Old methods are hardly useful these days and it provokes for changes. If you are an entrepreneur, Facebook ads can give you positive results. For acquiring benefits from it, you need to know about Facebook ads and how they work.

A brief discussion of Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms since it has a lot of users and every day new people are joining in thousands. It’s popular and diverse. It might benefit you greatly if you are a new entrepreneur and just starting your business.

Many people tend to refrain from using Facebook Ads as they are more complex to use. But it should be realized that its diversity brings complexity which isn’t a bad thing. Facebook targets its audience by using location, demographics, interests, and behaviors which means it has a laser focus to find the right person who is willing to buy your products.

Specification of Facebook Ads

The beauty of Facebook Ads is that it comes with different shapes and forms. As a result, different entrepreneurs can have customized ads that meet their requirements. Here are the types of Facebook ads:

  • Carousel Ads – Shows multiple highlighted products.
  • Collection Ads – Made for mobile devices and shows a collection of products.
  • Dynamic Ads – Brings back customers.
  • Slideshow Ads – Slideshow of pictures.
  • Photo Ads – Easy photo ads.
  • Messenger Ads – Ads in the messenger app.
  • Lead Ads – Made for newsletter subscriptions.
  • Video Ads – Shows video.
  • Instant Experience Ads – Ads in full-screen format for mobile.

How to use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a little complex but once you get a hang of it, it becomes easier for you. It is essential to learn about using the ads of Facebook to maximize the marketing results.

The very first thing would be to create a business page. It is very easy and Facebook will guide you through it. After you are done making the business page, go to Facebook ads manager and follow these instructions to post your ads:

1.   Choose objective

In the Facebook ads manager, you’ll find a ‘Campaigns’ tab. You can create your marketing campaign by choosing from 11 different marketing objectives. For example, there are Reach, App Installs and Brand Awareness amongst the objectives. Be smart choosing your objective as it may affect the campaign and the cost.

2.   Name your campaign

Choose a name that suits your campaign. After putting a name, you should turn on the budget optimization. After choosing the right options you can create an ad account by clicking on Set Up Ad Account.

3.   Complete account set up

You will find a form where you would have to put necessary personal information. For example, you’d have to put information about your currency, country and preferred time zone. This information can not be changed in the future and that’s why you need to be very careful while putting this information.

4.   Target the audience you want

This is the most important part. For example, you have items for babies, you’d want parents to see your ad. You need to choose the right age group that is more likely to have babies. If the ad is shown to teenagers, it will not generate any revenue. You’ll be able to choose the right groups by considering age, gender, nationality, and preferences and show your ads to potential customers.

5.   Choose the right place

You can choose where you are willing to show your ads. You can show them on Facebook, Messenger app. Customization can be made according to desktop or mobile platforms. Choosing the mobile platform is better since mobile users are in greater numbers than Desktop users.

6.   Select your budget

Facebook has another advantage because it has a spectrum of budget options. It depends on you. There are daily or lifetime budget from which you can choose from. Lifetime is the better choice for getting more customers as Facebook’s algorithm learns to show your ads to the perfect population by time. As a result, the longer your ad is present on Facebook the better.

7.   Complete the ad creation

You need to have a smart format of the ad. Before completing the ad creation, you need to upload the image or video files. Know that the better your ad looks, the more people are going to be interested. After completing, you will get an email from Facebook that will confirm your ad creation.

Facebook ads benefits

Facebook ads are great for reach and brand awareness. Entrepreneurs who are just starting and low on budget can find Facebook ads very useful. Facebook’s complexity of ads comes with a lot of benefits as you can customize and create attractive ads that will surely get clicks. Facebook’s algorithm shows your advertisement to the right people who are willing to buy your services. It is clearly the best platform to run ads when you’re willing to do social media marketing.

Additional tips

Not only putting your ad on Facebook will do the trick. For having the best result, your strategy needs to be flawless. Some people hire professionals who can ensure the best result but it might add extra numbers to your budget. With a little knowledge, you can run the Facebook ad campaigns by yourself. Here are some extra tips for a successful ad campaign on Facebook:

  • Select the best group in the right range of ages.
  • Use high-quality videos or pictures and ensure good content.
  • See the results and take action accordingly.
  • Keep experimenting with Ads.

There is a huge probability of success with Facebook marking if the strategy is correct. For being a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to find out smart ways to put your ad as it will greatly benefit you in the Facebook ads competition.

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